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Did you know Mount Rainer's OG name was Tahoma?
Yeah me neither.
It's so dang important to honor those that were here BEFORE US and the names they gave to these behemoth mountains.
In Alaska resides the highest peak in North America. . .ORIGINALLY named Mount Denail this beauty was officially renamed Mount McKinley after a former president.
This is infuriating and most true Alaskans still refer to her as Denali.
ANYWAY, that is why this batik and NAME is so near and dear. 
Honor. Respect. And LOVE for our roots. Let's never lose that ok?

This is an original batik created through a wax resist and hand painted cold water dye process on 100% unbleached cotton & stretched over a solid wood frame (thankfully made by my oh so talented husband).

This beauty measures in at 14″ x 38″ & can be easily hung from a heavy duty wire that is installed in the solid wood frame.

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